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The World's Best Roulette Betting Software 2015
You'll Soon Understand Why.
hi i am Hermann,21 years old,student of mathematics
& computer science.

If you're new and you don't know how to play roulette,
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-Windows XP,Vista,7 & 8


At first I told you Roulette Tamer is the best in the World,
So Let us investigate the software to prove it.


1-Win's chance: It is the most powerful parameter of the software.
Here you have the possibility of choosing yourself your own chances of earnings.
For example if you select for the module " color " 91/100,
you'll have 91% of chance to make a profit for "color" after 60 spins.
If you choose 99/100 you will be 99 % of chance of earnings,
but the indications of bets will not go out fast.

2-Base Bets: This parameter offers you the possibility of choosing your minimal bet
according to your budget.

3-Bets Selection: Here you have the possibility of choosing quite typical of bets.
You have: "Color","Parity",18/36,"Column","Dozen" & "Full Numbers".
You'll not find better somewhere else.

4-Casinos: The software offers you the possibility of playing with 2 typify of casinos:
Playtech & Modulue casino(or netEntertainment casino).

5-Full N. Total B.: Mean(Full numbers total bets)
This parameter allows you to choose the number of full numbers which you want to play.
In the video above I chose 30 thus i played on 30 full numbers.

6-Delete: This button allows you to delete the numbers if you make a mistake.
Most part of the roulette softwares have no this function.
With these software you have no right to make mistakes,
otherwise their calculations will be also erroneous.

The Guarantee:
Roulette Tamer is backed by a 30 days unconditional money back guarantee.
I am 100% sure that you will thoroughly enjoy Roulette Tamer.
If you are not satisfied with Roulette Tamer,
simply send an email to
You will be completely refunded, 100% guaranteed.


Roulette Tamer V2.0:

-Based on over 4 years of gathered data.
-Working with the algorithms of 2015.
-You can use this in any country.
-100% Guaranted 30 Days.

Yes Hermann,i understand that Roulette Tamer 2.0
is the most powerful roulette betting software of world
& that I'll get instant activation code of Roulette_Tamer_V2
I submit the 100% secure order form below.

How To get Roulette Tamer V2.0 ?
1-Download it at Roulette_Tamer_V2.0setup.exe
2-Get your activation code for only 299€

Software pirating is a crime.
I am the only one developer of Roulette Tamer V2.0 &
So thus any act of piracy will be tracked internationally.

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